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1st Rural & Regional Conveyancing is your property transfer specialist with extensive knowledge of the requirements of rural and regional clients when buying, selling or subdividing, whether it's a home, investment property, farming land, industrial or commercial property. If you are a rural or regional client or are dealing with a rural or regional property this is the conveyancing firm for you.

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When purchasing a property I will provide you free Contract reviews, information in relation to the costs of completing your property purchase, and information in relation to the process prior to you signing a contract. There will be no fees applicable until you obtain an unconditional contract.

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When selling your property, I will take you through the process step by step. I will prepare your section 32 and provide a copy to your agent within 48 hours of receiving the certificates and will promptly prepare the Contract once I receive the instructions with the purchasers details.

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There are many reasons why a property may be transferred that do not fit into the definition of a purchase or sale. It may be due to a proprietor passing away, a breakdown of relationship, spouse transfer to protect assets, a family farm transfer, or a transfer to or from a trust or SMSF. With a large amount of experience in these types of transfers, I will attend to these property transfers with ease.

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Subdivisions are now registered electronically on SPEAR

To find out more about the process that is undertaken to register a Plan of Subdivision/ Plan of Consolidations and/or associated documents please contact me or read further on the subdivision page using the link below.

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Agency settlement

Not all Solicitors are registered or wish to attend to settlements of Victorian properties on the PEXA settlement platform or SPEAR for subdivisions I can attend to settlements or registrations as agent for solicitors or other individuals.

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